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Nano Ceramic Coatings

Paint Protection

Prices based on the following car types/sizes:

Small Car: Mini coupe, coupe's, smart cars, sports cars, etc.

Sedan: Jaguar, Chevy Malibu, Pickup trucks, BMW3 series, etc.

Mid size-Large Car: Mini-vans, SUV's, large trucks, etc.

Extra Large Car: Vans, 4 door trucks, 8 seater vehicles, large SUV's, etc.

Nano Ceramic Coatings protect cars from anything and everything the environment brings. Snow, rain, scratching, paint marring, nano coatings will protect your cars. With nano coatings your car no longer needs any waxing or buffing; Once your car is nano coated you are done with your car outside of basic car washings.


Cars we've previously detailed are pictured below



3-5 year coating (150 wash coating)

$299, $399, $499, $599

  • General iron and other f​all-out clay paint decontamination.

  • 9H hardness for maximum protection.

  • Deep gloss shine.

  • Up to 5 years of standard protection ( only occasional washing is needed).

  • Hydrophobic properties help repel for rain, ice and snow.

  • Protects from scratches, stone chips, etc.

  • Protects from UV rays.

  • Protects all painted surfaces and rims.

  • Lasts through 150 washes minimum.


Pro Coating (6-7 years)

$499, $599, $699, $799

  • Includes all the benefits of the 3-5 year coating.

  • Lasts several years longer than 3-5 year coating.

  • Much tougher than standard coatings ( thoroughly tested product).

  • Includes paint polishing prior to coating application.


Diamond Super Slick Lifetime Protection

$699, $799, $899, $999

  • Includes benefits of Pro Coating.

  • Lasts up to the lifetime of the vehicle.

  • Toughest coating offered in terms of longevity and durability.

  • Extremely tough coating ( only tough sandpaper can remove the coating).

  • Slick paint finish in terms of feel and view.

  • Car pictured was a Nissan GTR after Diamond Super Slick nano coating.

Max Nano Ceramic Coating

$999, $1,199, $1,399, $1,599

  • Toughest Nano Coating that we offer!

  • Lasts up to the lifetime of the vehicle.

  • Toughest coating offered in terms of longevity, durability, etc.

  • Over 4 times thicker than the Diamond SS nano coating.

  • Slick paint finish in terms of feel and view.

  • Great nano coating for protecting high value cars.

  • Recommend for any luxury vehicle.

  • Great for boats as the coating lasts years even in water.

5 year Stain Preventative Interior Nano Coating (Multi-Surface Coating)

Prices: $129, $189, $259, $329


When liquids come in contact with our interior nano coating, the treatment repels the substance and liquids roll off without penetrating or staining the material. Additionally, for materials with an open structure such as plush carpets where liquids are able to penetrate the surface, the coating prevents any penetration of the fibers and permanent staining of the material.

Our coating forms a strong bond with fibers to prevent removal during cleaning. Liquids are unable to attach or penetrate the fibers and are repelled in droplets.

Interior was developed specifically for automotive, marine, and aircraft fibers, so it out preforms other products formulated for home uses.


2-year Window Nano Ceramic Coating

Water repellant works like rain-x but more effectively and lasts radically longer.

$49.99 to $79.99 covers all windows.

Offering our services in the following areas: Olathe, Johnson County Kansas and Kansas City Missouri surrounding areas.

About this page:

For a while now here at Fine Finish Mobile Detail we have worked on many cars that have had tremendous paint damage. Our Paint Protection services are all polymer ceramic coatings designed to prevent your car from getting damaged and needing an expensive paint correction detail. We searched for the right distributors and have refined our services to offer high quality paint protection services. We have the cheapest high end paint protection services in the market, this is especially notable considering the longevity and durability of all our products.

Benefits of a nano coating:

The cost of getting a car routinely waxed and buffed over the course of it’s lifetime can cost thousands of dollars and not to mention, still not leave your car in good condition. Here at Fine Finish Mobile Detail we lay down high quality protective coatings to keep a car in pristine condition over the course of many years at a very reasonable cost, and we do it at the comfort of your own home.

Our mission is simple concerning our Paint Protection Services: Save people thousands of dollars in car value by laying down heavy duty ceramic coating paint sealants that last from 5 years a lifetime.

All of our polymer paint sealants provide 5 years to a lifetime of protection for your vehicles from a variety of sources: UV ray damage ( causes paint fading), paint scratching, rusting, protects paint from tree sap, tar, repels water (prevents adherence of contaminants), and more.

Kansas winters come with very harsh conditions for one’s car or cars. There is salt, dirt, snow, freezing cold temperatures, ice adhered to paint, and more. When a ceramic coating is installed on a car it reduces the effect or eliminates the effect of many of the harsh elements that are common in a midwestern/southern winter. The hydrophobic attribute that comes from our ceramic coatings is absolutely key in terms of keeping a car in top condition through tough weather.

Summer: From very high summer temperatures, Constant intense UV ray exposure, acid rain, and of course bugs, our cars in Kansas go through the works. Our Ceramic coatings protect your cars from years of environmental abuse that your cars go through.

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