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Paint Correction

Paint Correction size categories:

Small Car: Mini coupe, smart cars, sports cars, etc.

Sedan: Jaguar, Chevy Malibu, Pickup trucks, BMW 3 series, etc.

Mid size-Large Car: Mini vans, SUV's large trucks, etc.

XL size Cars: Vans, large 4 door trucks, Escalades.

Mobile Detailing


Car Detailing


Automotive Care

Cars we've previously detailed are pictured below


Unpolished to Polished Paint view (right to left).

3 Step Paint Correction

$349, $429, $499, $599

  • Thorough hand wash

  • Chrome polishing and defect removal

  • Rim and tire treatment 4-8 week shine

  • Clay bar treatment

  • water spot removal

  • light to moderate scratch removal

  • paint is refined to 70%-80% defect removal.


5 Step Paint Correction

$499, $579, $699, $799

  • Thorough hand wash

  • Chrome Polishing and severe defect removal

  • Rim and tire treatment 4-8 week shine.

  • severe water spot removal.

  • moderate to severe scratch removal.

  • Paint touch up included if needed.

  • Paint is refined to 80%-95% defect removal.

  • Good prep work for a car show.

  • Near 100% defect removal or 100% removal on classic cars ( single stage paint).


Complete Paint Restoration Detail

$499, $629, $749, $899

  • Detail is recommended for cars with extremely tough paint ( exotic cars, certain luxury cars, etc.)

  • Recommended for cars with severely defected paint.

  • Expect 90%-100% paint defect removal.

  • Perfect detail for exotic cars and high end luxury cars.

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