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RV/Trailer Detailing

Exterior Detailing

Wash, roof wash, and High-Quality Wax or Sealant: $11 per linear square foot

Wash, roof wash, clay barring, Buff and Polish, High Quality Wax or Sealant: $18 per linear square foot.

$22 per linear foot for Wash, Wax/Sealant, Buff and Polish for severe to highly severe oxidation removal.

We book by Call and Email only for RV/Trailers ( photos and in person pricing).


Interior Only

Complete Interior Cleaning: $15.00 per linear foot

Includes vacuuming, steam cleaning, complete interior wipe down, window cleaning, leather and vinyl conditioning, condition dash, deep cleaning of living quarters, bathroom cleaning, deep clean kitchen, and restroom cleaning.

Nano Ceramic Coatings are offered for owners of RV's and Trailers. Please call 913-388-0206 for service consultation if interested.

Coatings last many years and protect paint from oxidation, scratching, UV rays, etc.



Total Detail:

  • Wash, roof wash, High-Quality wax/sealant, complete interior detail.

$24 per linear foot

The Works:

  • Wash, roof wash, clay bar decontamination, polishing, heavy oxidation removal, complete interior detail.

$30 per linear foot

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